Still Believe…

I always believe
that the world will be much better
if everybody try to do something for other people
no matter how small it’s
even if we have nothing but a big smile to give!

I always dream
since being a mother is so special
that everymom in the world
can give some of their love, their hugs, their warm attention
and be a gentle wings for other children in the world
they who still need a little charity from us
a little care, a little love
and there are lots and lots unlucky children everywhere
they who has no body but themselves.

Remember so many cases we heard about child abused?
many of them got killed for no reason?
Even i don’t know how to help them
but we do know that they need us.
If only everyone try to give a look for those kids, instead their own kids,
and try to figure out
how can we help them?
in what way?

As for me,
everytime i look around,
I feel so hopeless
realize so many bad things happened.
and so i got frustrated many times
knowing that i m not young anymore.
but yet, i haven’t been somebody,
somebody with power and ability
who can bring magic to other people, especially those unlucky children…

So i make a little wish,
and say it in every prayer
that God will help me
and give me more power
and ability
more that i can imagine
so that i can do something more
for those lovely and innocent faces
who need it…



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